Family Housing Resources, Inc. (“FHR”), a support organization of the Industrial Development Authority of the County of Pima (the “Pima IDA”), is pleased to announce that it has awarded two more grants totaling $50,000 in an effort to support affordable community programs in Pima County and Southern Arizona.

The grantees are La Frontera and The Primavera Foundation, with $25k each. The funding will be used by La Frontera for supportive services at Rally Point Veterans Apartment complex and by Primavera for Casa Paloma, the women’s housing program and drop-in center that is undergoing a much-needed renovation. Award ceremonies were held last week at the nonprofits respective local offices.

“We are very pleased, especially at this time of year, to make good on our promise to keep investing in the Tucson community and Pima County to make life better for residents in need,“ said FHR’s Board President Steve Russo. “We have a long way to go, but every success story for an individual or a family is a success story for the community as a whole. We wouldn’t be able to do any of this without the hard work, commitment and compassion of organizations like La Frontera and The Primavera Foundation.”

FHR is one of three Pima IDA support organizations that also include Community Investment Corporation (“CIC”) and Southern Arizona Land Trust, Inc. (“SALT”), all of which focus on improving the economic growth and general welfare of Pima County.

Last month FHR awarded two grants totaling $150,000 to United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona and Our Family Services.

About La Frontera

La Frontera cares for individuals and families diagnosed with mental health and substance abuse disorders, including the homeless, by providing housing and supportive services needed to live healthier, more independent lives in the Pima County area.

About The Primavera Foundation

The Primavera Foundation provides pathways out of poverty through safe, affordable housing, workforce development, and neighborhood revitalization. Primavera’s vision promotes social and economic justice, while working to build a future in which all people are assured basic human rights, a livable income, and safe, affordable housing. Primavera’s continuum of services over the past 34 years focus on the following four pathways: 1) survival – emergency shelters, drop-in resource centers, homeless prevention and intervention; 2) stability – safe, affordable housing, job readiness skills, temporary and permanent employment, water harvesting, and drug treatment alternative to prison; 3) security – financial education and homebuyer education, financial and housing counseling, and affordable homeownership opportunities; and 4) sustainability – working collaboratively with a variety of multi-sector community partners on neighborhood revitalization, resident engagement, leadership development, education, and advocacy to create greater equity, healthy neighborhoods, and to support collective action around critical policy issues impacting low-income working families.

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