Family Housing Resources, Inc. (“FHR”), a support organization of the Industrial Development Authority of the County of Pima (the “Pima IDA”), whose mission is to create lasting solutions to help individuals and families reach financial freedom through housing support, education, and partnership. 

The FHR Cares Community Investment Fund was established in 2015 by Family Housing Resources, Inc., and FHR Cares, Inc. both 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, charitable organizations in Pima County, AZ. to further support FHR’s mission through offering funding support to partner organizations doing similar mission driven work in the community. In 2019 FHR Cares has awarded $475,000 in gifts to better Pima County and foster lasting community partnerships.

FHR Cares awarded $100,000 to Angel Charity to support their continued service to youth in the Tucson community. The $100,000 will go to support a $700,000 grant to Children’s Clinics a nonprofit agency serving children with complex medical needs. Angel Charity for Children, Inc., is a non-profit organization comprised of approximately 150 devoted volunteers representing a cross-section of the Tucson community. Through innovative fundraising, these dedicated ‘Angels’ are committed to providing Pima County’s children with the vibrant future they so richly deserve, and FHR Cares is thrilled to be an active partner and support Angel Charity’s highly vetted process of selecting deserving organizations in our community.  “FHR’s Board of Directors and executive team have long admired the dedication, hard work, and professionalism Angel Charity exhibits,” stated John Payne former FHR board member.

Children’s Clinics will utilize their Angel Charity gift for a new facility to better serve their community. “The Angel Charity Center for CARE at Children’s Clinics will provide a unique, sensory-friendly environment for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other complex medical needs to receive all of their outpatient care in one, convenient location. The addition of this space will create opportunity for Children’s Clinics to serve a new population and expand services to the 7,000 children already receiving care at Children’s Clinics. This innovative new space is the result of love and support from our entire Tucson community and is made possible by gifts from several organizations, including Family Housing Resources. We are proud and humbled to be able to pursue our mission in partnership with many other compassionate community members.” Jared Perkins, CEO, Children’s Clinics.

About Angel Charity for Children: Angel Charity for Children’s mission is to improve the quality of life for children in Pima County. Each year, the Angel Charity general membership selects beneficiaries, and partners with businesses and individuals throughout Pima County to raise funds to fulfill their grant request.

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