It Is Time for Change

Our hearts are hurting because of what happened to George Floyd and we recognize this is just one more name in a list of many. The video that came out of his death so explicitly identifies the horror that so many black Americans face today. It unveiled a truth that has been avoided for far too long. It is undeniably the time to listen and say enough is enough. To ignore the fact that institutional racism exists is no longer an option. It is time for us to understand the complexity of the systems that have been built and how they have created barriers and injustice for people of color.

The housing industry, in particular, has been wrought with a history of programs that sponsored segregation, including redlining which was conducted by the FHA to deny insured mortgages to African American neighborhoods while subsidizing the production of white neighborhoods. The inability to gain homeownership, and therefore grow wealth, has had long-lasting implications for individuals and families. It is also important to understand how those laws affected today’s realities. According to a recent report from NAR, homeownership rates for non-Hispanic white Americans is 71% versus 41% for black Americans for the same time period. We believe this creates a greater divide to financial equality and does not allow individuals and families to generate wealth. Homeownership, and the community makeup it creates, also leads to other social benefits and better health outcomes.

This must change, it is time for change, and we are ready for action. We ask you to join us in taking action now. Here are a few things that you can do to start:

Complete your census report

Register to Vote


Contact your local officials and ask for support in minority/underserved communities

At Family Housing Resources, our vision is a community with equal access to quality, affordable housing, and pathways to increased wealth and financial freedom. We dedicate our work to providing resources and improving access to what is a basic human right, housing.

A brief history of housing discrimination.

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