From Tenant to First-time Homeowner: Evelyn’s story


At the beginning of 2020, Evelyn P. was referred to Family Housing Resources (FHR) by her lender. She started her homeownership journey by participating in FHR’s Homebuyer Education course, which she said helped her learn about budgeting and the need for good credit. The Homebuyer Education course also helped her understand how best to work with a mortgage lender.

FHR's down payment assistance program

Being a single mom and a first-time homebuyer, Evelyn was very skeptical that she would be capable of purchasing a home, and when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, she became concerned that she might lose her job. Fortunately for Evelyn, she did not lose her job, and by a twist of fate, the pandemic helped her save more money by not eating out or shopping as much! 

Cris, her FHR housing program counselor, introduced her [Evelyn] to FHR’s down payment assistance program, providing her the bridge she needed to make Evelyn’s dream of purchasing her first home a reality. We walked Evelyn through the program from start to finish, helping her complete her paperwork and submit them on time.

A new home for her and her son...

Working remotely definitely had its challenges, but after a long six months of trying to find an appropriate home in her price range and being outbid several times, her dream came true for her and her son!

In October 2020, she purchased a condo! She had to adjust her strategy from buying a stand-alone home to a condo, especially with the Tucson real estate market being so hot, but it was still an upgrade from her previous rental, and she loves owning her own home!  “I am not throwing money away anymore,” she says. With her rent continually increasing, owning her own home turned out to be cheaper!

She has now shared her positive experience at Family Housing Resources (FHR) with several friends and co-workers, encouraging them to try the program as well.

single mom with child smiling with keys to new house

"A new home is a place for memories to be made and dreams to come true." ~Anonymous