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About Us


We envision a community with equal access to quality, affordable housing and pathways to increased wealth and financial freedom.


We create lasting solutions to help individuals and families reach financial freedom through housing support, education, and partnership. 

Family Housing Resources is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) Arizona corporation. 

Values and Behaviors

Integrity– We are honest and respectful in all situations.

  • Provide reliable information and insight
  • Speak truth in all interactions
  • Welcome all who seek support
  • Take responsibility for our actions


Compassion – We approach all interactions with kindness and empathy.

  • Make no judgments or assumptions
  • Listen attentively to situations and circumstances
  • Share information thoughtfully
  • Provide a welcoming space for all people to find answers and support


Respect – We welcome all individuals and their unique life experiences.     

  • Listen to learn and understand
  • Honor differing life situations, challenges, and levels of resiliency
  • Treat everyone equally with dignity and understanding


Accountability- We hold ourselves accountable for our actions, commitments, and quality of service.

  • Follow through on tasks and obligations
  • Are mindful not to overcommit and ask for support when needed
  • Provide impeccable service always


Impact – We leverage our services to support our clients in lasting positive change.

  • Pursue long-term sustainable goals
  • Commit to plans of action
  • Analyze data to evaluate our successes or to identify areas for improvement
  • Celebrate success and accomplishment


Innovation – We nurture an environment of learning without fear of mistakes.

  • Strive to evolve and adapt with new opportunity
  • Take educated risks without fear of mistakes
  • Nurture learning as a tool for growth


FHR provides individualized counseling and education classes for homebuyers. Our certified and experienced staff will provide you with the information you need to make an educated and affordable home purchase. Depending upon funding available at the time, FHR provides down payment and closing costs assistance to eligible homebuyers. Counseling services are free of charge.


FHR is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality throughout its portfolio of 3 rental properties. Two if these were funded through the Low-Income Tax Credit Program to assist the low-income population of Tucson. The newest addition to the portfolio is a Section 202 community for very low-income seniors.

Our story

Family Housing Resources, Inc. (FHR) was established by the Industrial Development Authority of Pima County in 1991 as a statewide organization dedicated to providing low- and moderate-income individuals and families an opportunity to obtain quality, affordable housing through both rental and homebuyer support programs.

In 1991, the primary program for FHR was operating the Mortgage Credit Certificate Program which provides a tax credit to first time homebuyers. In 1994, FHR became its own 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. In 1998, FHR began its Homeownership Program to provide housing counseling, down payment assistance and foreclosure avoidance services. In 2017, the MCC program moved to FHR’s sister agency, Community Investment Corporation, and was ended its foreclosure avoidance services due to lack of funding.

FHR’s focus on providing affordable housing services continued through ownership of three apartment properties totaling over 186 units, FHR is committed to increasing Arizona’s affordable housing stock through acquisition, rehabilitation and development of multifamily properties. In addition, FHR has assisted nearly 12,000 individuals and families during the last 27 years in achieving the American Dream: homeownership.

In 2019, FHR expanded upon their vision and mission to include pathways to increased wealth and financial freedom through housing support, education and strategic partnerships. While continuing to provide access to safe and affordable rental units, homebuyer education and down payment assistance, FHR began offering access to student loan debt reduction services. FHR is committed to serving community needs in the most effective and productive ways possible.

Additionally, in 2015, Family Housing Resources, Inc., established the FHR Cares Community Investment Fund as a tax-exempt, charitable organization in Pima County, Arizona. Through grant giving, the mission of FHR Cares is to assist the efforts of organizations whose work directly improves the Pima County community, particularly in the vital area of affordable housing.