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The Financial Foundations Program is a free program that was created to help low to moderate-income individuals build a strong foundation of financial education, grow their wealth, and achieve financial freedom. It includes an 8-session course that will cover topics such as budgeting, taxes, loans, and more.  After the course, participants will be paired with an expert mentor who will help them make a plan to achieve their financial goals. 

This course will be held online or in-person at no cost.  We are asking for members of the community like you to volunteer as guest lecturers or mentors.

Program Information

This program is built around an 8-session course, with lecture opportunities throughout,  lecturing period, followed by 3 mentorship meetings to be scheduled according to availability. 
We are asking for volunteers with backgrounds in financial services including but not limited to: Accountants, Financial Planners, Financial Analysts, Financial Advisors, and Financial Counselors who will be able and available to volunteer as guest lecturers or mentors for low to moderate-income individuals and heads of households. 




You will be paired one-on-one with a program participant to help them develop a plan to reach their personal financial goals.

Once the participant has completed the 8-session course, you will meet with them up to 3 times over the course of 6 months to discuss goals and progression.  Your goal as a mentor is to be a resource of financial information and experience that a participant will be able to utilize to meet their goal. 

Total time commitment required:  3-5 hours, spread over the course of 6 months. 


You will be provided with lecturing materials including slides and worksheets to present to our participants concerning personal finance.

Your goals as a lecturer will be to present fundamental financial information in an understandable way to help our participants strengthen their foundation of knowledge regarding personal finances.

Class sessions take place at a variety of times based on each individual course. Some are during the day, some are held in early evening, typically Monday through Friday. Each class is 1.5 hours long.

Total time commitment is based on what your availability. 



Over the time of each course, instructors will review a wide variety of topics about personal finance.  Our goal is to make sure each participant finishes the program with a strong foundation of knowledge when it comes to dealing with money.   

Learn how to create a realistic and achievable budget to work towards financial freedom, as well as the basics of investing to help you build your wealth for years to come.

Learn about the importance of your credit history and how to improve your credit score, how to minimize and avoid bad debt, and how to plan for a debt-free future.

Learn about the options available to you regarding filing your taxes, as well as how to maximize your credits and avoid overpaying.

Learn the basics of how to open a checking account, what options are available to you, and how to safely manage your accounts online.

Learn about the basics of insurance, what types of coverage are available and recommended for you, as well as how to properly utilize insurance should the need arise.

 Learn about the dangers and potential financial pitfalls you could encounter, as well as strategies to plan for and avoid these risks.

Learn how your behaviors, the behaviors of those around you, and your environment shape your perceptions of money, as well as determine what financial freedom and wealth mean to you