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FHR has assisted over 12,000 households purchase a home since 1991.

What is affordable housing?

Affordable housing is considered to be housing costs that do not exceed 30% of a households income, this is true for owning or renting.

Pima County affordable housing facts:


There are about 156,000 lower income households in Pima County, which is about 40% of all households.*


About 33% of the lower income households include at least one senior (65+); about 24% are families with children and the most common lower income household type (29%) is single females living alone.*


Most units affordable to extremely low-income households, who earn less than 30% of the county median income, are mobile homes/trailers.*


There are nearly 26,000 low income workers that do not live in the jurisdiction where they work. More than 19% travel 50 miles or more from their home to work.*


According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition Out of Reach Report, minimum wage earners need to make over $17 per hour to afford two bedroom housing.**


As a state, Arizona is short over 150,000 affordable rental units for the extremely low income.***

*Data is pulled from the 2016 University of Arizona Gap Analysis of Affordable Housing in Pima County.

**Data is pulled from National Low Income Housing Coalition.

***Data is pulled from NLIHC’s 2019 Arizona Housing Profile.