ADOH Mortgage Assistance for Homeowners

Family Housing Resources is supporting the Arizona Department of Housing to provide basic information and application assistance to qualified homeowners to those who are in jeopardy of losing their home due to financial hardship related to COVID-19. Once a household qualifies and will be sent directly to the mortgage loan servicers and will include fees incurred due to the nonpayment of mortgages.

Program Status

HAF is primarily a foreclosure prevention program. HAF funds can be used to pay homeowner mortgage delinquencies, property tax delinquencies, and HOA delinquencies that could result in foreclosure. HAF funds can also be used to pay homeowner utility delinquencies and delinquent insurance with a maximum assistance total of $40,000 per household.

Qualification Requirements

To see if you are qualified for HAF assistance, go to the HAF Website or contact Family Housing Resources. We can help answer basic questions or assist you with your application if needed.